Are you new to WvW? Click here for a comprehensive guide on the ins and outs of World versus World.

In WvW Journeys Edge runs the Hammer Train, also known as “The Zerg“. The use of the word hammer in hammer train is derived from the amount of heavy classes that wield a hammer on their zerg build. Pretty simple concept to grasp. The two main classes that make up this blob of hammers will mainly be Guardians and Warriors… with the bunker dagger/dagger Ele here and there. This hammer train is considered to be the core of the Zerg group, along with the support and dps other classes may provide.

With this note aside, there are some things that might need to be addressed before getting started. Rangers can be a very fun class to play, but it is hard for a ranger to provide support equivalent to that of an Elementalist, Mesmer, Engineer, or even a Necromancer. For this reason we do not prefer rangers in our WvW zergs.

Another important thing to take note of, it is essential that we have No uplevels when we are running a WvW hammer train group. Uplevels are characters/toons that haven’t reached level 80. The lack of being lvl 80, puts you at a serious disadvantage. You have less HP, Toughness, Power, Attack, Precision, Healing Power, etc etc… This is definitely not good for your zerg group. For one reason, due to the lack of HP, you will succumb to damage a lot easier, thus making you an easy target. If our hammer train downs 5 or so enemy players, and an uplevel that is running with us gets destroyed due to the lack of HP… he will rally those 5 enemies when he dies.  We understand if yo do not have a level 80 toon yet, and there will be times for you to participate in WvW, we just ask that you try to avoid playing them them on our Guild WvW nights.

WvW Builds

With the group style we run in WvW, we require strict team coordination to pull a win out of a tough fight. The more players that run correct WvW oriented builds and understand their roles as a part of the zerg, the more coordinated our group will remain.



Click for the Guard Build.

Guardians will be running a simple shout build for the group support. With this build, you are able to mix match your trinkets as you see fit. As long as you run the PvT Armor, you should be set. Key with this build is, you are a source of stability, so using stand your ground is key for your party’s foundation. Also, altruistic healing is very key with this build. All the boons you apply to allies, heal them and yourself. Upon running soldier runes and your spec, when you shout, you heal yourself clear two condis off yourself and allies while transferring 1 to a boon. Also, weapon choice, make sure to always run staff. You are free to swap out the GS for a Hammer. Utilizing the number 2 blast on the hammer in the middle of a zerg fight can be key for the blasting of a water field.



Click for the WvW Warrior Build.

The next key component to our hammer train, will be the heavy hitting/shout warrior. The idea with this build is to provide mitigation for the tight nit hammer train comprised of Warriors/Guards/ DD Eles. With this build we will run Hammer as primary weapon for the heavy stuns that make for an excellent spike damage. All of the skills that the hammer brings to a large scale fight are very beneficial.   A great set of secondary weapons to run will be Sword/Warhorn for the mobility. The sword leap is effective when it comes to staying on tag, and also the warhorn plays a huge role with the blasting of skill 5. Also, skill 4 provides swiftness which is very crucial for a group to keep up.

The shout part of the build is important too. You will be traited into shout heals providing AOE heals to your party (or closest 4 allies). Utilizing your abilities and stabilities for maximum effectiveness can change the tide of the fight. Also, you will be running soldier runes providing condition removal per shout you use to nearby allies.

Basic healing signet will do just fine for heals, along with balanced stance for stability when needed/activated.

Another important role a warrior plays is the instant revive/blast elite skill. WARBANNER! It is used to instantly revive downed/fallen allies INSTANTLY changing the tide of a fight.

Once again, with all of these builds, you can feel free to mix and match trinkets/weapons. Just aim for that base health pool of 25k+ and AT LEAST 3k armor. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit. This build is  tanky, so if you feel like you can sacrifice some PvT gear for Berserker, DO IT! Just don’t be the guy that pushes in and gets instantly downed. Besides that, ENJOY!




Click for the WvW Necromancer Build

With this necromancer build, you will be quite squishy. The idea of this build is too play it smart and utilize the 50% crit chance you get from Death Shroud. Since majority of your gear has ferocity, any time you crit, you get 10982309820398(CRAZY AMOUNT of)  numbers. Utilizing the life blast and the pierce of it, you are able to hit multiple enemies and also autoattack perif players down. The neat thing about this build is that life blasting isn’t the only way to put out crazy DPS. Number 4 in death shroud packs a HUGE punch to enemies around you. Number 5 in death shroud is also a great ability to use before leaving death shroud, for the torment and lockdown. Now, you are equipped with well that serve many different purposes. To blind groups, to DPS, and to strip boons and convert them to conditions. LEARN THEM. Along with the wells, you are able to use the marks from your staff to provide many utilities and extra DPS/Chill/ Fear. Dagger Warhorn is also very useful for auto attacking single targets and immobing/stunning them.

One last thing to remember with this build, YOU ARE SQUISHY. So you must know PERFECT placement. Play smart. Also, if you need to go tanky, you are able to add different pieces of armor.




Click for the OFFENSIVE WvW Elementalist build.

As a staff ele, your main duty is to support the hammer train with heals (in the form of water fields), CCs (static fields, unsteady ground, frozen ground), and damage (meteor shower). You’ll do so from the BACKLINE (i.e. around 900 range away from the hammer train).

Some of your main abilities are:

  • Fire Attunement: Lava Font, Burning Retreat, Meteor Shower
  • Water Attunement: Geyser, Frozen Ground, Healing Rain
  • Air Attunement: Static Field, Windborne Speed
  • Earth Attunement: Eruption, Unsteady Ground, Shockwave

The two bolded skills in the water attunement section are your two water fields, with Geyser taking the form of your “small water” and Healing Rain taking the form of “big water”. Generally, small waters are saved for resets while big waters are used for initial pushes and sustained fighting. Other classes will then blast the water fields, which will provide many AoE heals in that water field. You can blast these water fields as well with your heal (Arcane Benevolence) and Eruption, but keep in mind Eruption isn’t instant.


Click for the BACKLINE WvW Elementalist build.

Static Field is another big component of staff ele play. Placing a static field in front of an enemy zerg will either a) stun them briefly, allowing our zerg to get the first hit in or b) force them to use their stabilities, which can be very useful. It’s also used to pick off stragglers from the back of zergs. Frozen Ground and Unsteady Ground are also useful to slowing/stopping enemies.

As far as doing damage goes, there’s one skill that stands out for eles: Meteor Shower. This channeled skill takes a little bit to get going, but it calls down a storm of meteors that each do very strong damage. This is further augmented by going into Tornado (your elite) immediately after finishing channeling, which doubles base power and precision.

All of your utilities are cantrips. Armor of Earth is your stability, and you’ll use it when before you run into a stun-locking enemy. Mist Form only lasts three seconds, but makes you invulnerable and quick for the duration, making it useful for crossing enemy zergs and getting into towers under attack. Lightning Flash has the quickest cooldown and is useful for clearing distances quickly, but it also has the added benefit of being able to be used while channeling skills (aka Meteor Shower).