costume contest

Join us this Hallowe’en for our 4th annual Costume Contest!

First Place: Gargoyle Black Lion skin of your choice!

Second Place: Ley-Line Greatsword

Third Place: Final Rest

Date and Time: Monday October 31 at 5PM Pacific (Server reset)

The rules are simple! Just bring one of your characters with a style you created. Every participant will have a chance to walk down the stage, and if you want to give a backstory or any other neat tidbit you can before leaving the stage. Judges will pick the top three winners from the entire pool of participants.

You can be any class, race, or gender and the sky is the limit on your creativity. You can aim to be spooky, silly, gorgeous, it is entirely up to you! Just bring whatever creative style you can come up with.

We hope to see you there!